Hi and welcome! I am Mirela, a Brussels-based photographer specialising in fine art and family photography.

When it comes to family and newborn sessions, I’m looking for authentic moments with real people. I make sure your photos match who you are right now. Creating fun and relaxing sessions in the comfort of your home and leaving you with beautiful memories is one of my goals. I’m shooting mostly for your kids—specifically for the grown-ups that they will become, for when they will reach back to be reminded of the warm, fuzzy joy of what life felt like at this stage.

Motherhood and family is the best gift this life has to offer so we have to preserve these moments. The human experience is a poetry in itself and for that, a shooting session has to be genuine and authentic: without props or artificial things, just you, some environmental elements and of course your feelings. My photos are like the real life: beautiful and imperfect, vulnerable and emotive. I am seeking beauty, not in traditional charm but mostly in the connection that exist between people.

I take commissions of small baptism or family reunion, as well as boudoir - drop me a line with details about your event and I’ll get back to you. I love to photograph on film (if light allows it) because I love the aesthetic of its rich tones and depth of tonality. But I do appreciate and rely on the clarity of digital as well as on its speed when the light is poor.

I would love to tell your story as a family or as a mother because I know what it feels like to see your children growing up so fast.

Mirela Niţă, Brussels-based photographer


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