One's journey between childhood and adolescence may very well convey loosing one's child's play. Yet, deep down inside of us, we all crave to play again. The advantage of playing is that there is no final purpose and simply because of that, a child traversing adolescence is confused: life begins to have a purpose.

Playing is deeply tied to submerging oneself in an imaginary world, to inventing. It requires the audacity to dream, to look at one thing and see another, to play with the possibilities, to embrace the joy of pure discovery, to ask oneself “what if I were...”. Therefore, playing must be a part of not only the life of a child but the one of an adolescent or even an adult too.

My images speak of a collection of memories, instantaneously captured in one's passing from childhood to youth, when the game and the inner imaginary universe are still present. It is a study of the ending of an age.