just sisters I

As children, we were in a hurry to grow up. And now, here we are: adults, wanting to go back and relive our childhood. Although we all have similar memories from our tender age, at the same time we have all lived that period in a very personal manner.

In this series started 2 years ago I pursued random, everyday, more or less intimate moments in the lives of 4 sisters. Their emotions are fresh. To them, the world is large and new and the unknown is surprising. These are precious moments turning childhood into a nostalgic season. And it's the imminence of its very passing that adds an aura of mystery and timeless. Because of that, I chose to use color analog film and my old Yashica MAT EM and Contax.

At the end, it turned out I wasn't just keeping track of a fading, fragile period but truly reliving my own memories, my own recomposed past.