freckled to the bone

On a couple of recent occasions I met some persons with extremely interesting features but not crazy about them being freckled. Freckles, like a lot of things in life are something that you have to make your peace with.

When captured these people in images, I tried to turn their fragility into a visual strength. They magnified the idea of human weakness, and physical fragility but also that of an breathtaking beauty.

In my work I tried to discover and visualise how the fascination for the freckled faces is transformed from the imperfection to something beautiful. I try to present their faces as a fragile physical state, as a powerful metaphor for the « patchy people », defined by physical features determined by birth not by choice. In a world that flaunts flawlessness as the ideal, I stopped I look around me and I discovered that we can find real beauty in flawed human skin (and we can celebrate the spots.)